Serpentine Path

After Unearthly Dance split up, some of the members decided to form a new band, Serpentine Path. Soon after they recorded and released a self-called EP and a self-called full length (yet both with different tracks, despite the very same title). Shortly after they recruited a second guitar player (Stephen of legendary Winter), and the band, now a five-piece, recorded the sophomore full length, Emanations, which has duration of forty five minutes.

I Am The Avalanche

Yet another band I’d never heard of before. Although this is already their third album so far for this band that hails from Brooklyn

Their music is pop-punk in the vein of Green Day and other bands in that genre. It’s energetic, fast paced music,  nice to listen to, but easily forgotten.  And since so many bands have been active, or still are active in this genre, I doubt they’ll ever make it to the European Music Charts. This is a type of band, or a type of music, that begs for an outdoor music festival, with lots of beer, to have some fun with.


Avitas are a project from the English-speaking part of Canada (British Columbia), formed by Patrick Myrtroen, who runs the label Bud Metal Records. All Avitas-recordings have been released via this label, and then we’re talking about three studio full lengths, an EP and a live-recording. The latest full length, by the way, called Saga Of The Nationalist, sort of gets re-issued, so I will have the kindness, once again, to review it in a very near future.


Despite two decades of activity, and despite an enormous fan-base (Solitary have a well-populated fan club, listening to the name of The Unidentified), I Promise To Thrash Forever isn’t but the first live album by UK Thrash-masters Solitary. Okay, they are not known for a constant release of studio material either, as you might know. The material on this live registration was recorded at the end of last year in Selby, England.


Line up :

Jo Amore (Lead Vocals)

Franck Milleliri (Guitars)

Matt Asselberghs (Guitars)

Yves Campion (Bass & vocals)

David Amore (Drums)


Hour Of Penance

Rome-based act Hour Of Penance was formed more than fifteen years ago in the capital of Italy, Rome, and they recorded a first demo in 2000, which drew attention of Xtreem Music. On this label they released two full lengths, Disturbance (2003) and Pageantry For Martyrs (2005), followed by 2008’s The Vile Conception and 20101’s Paradigma, both via Unique Leader Records.


As from the very beginning I am truly in love (oink?) with Germany’s Desaster. They debuted in 1996 with A Touch Of Medieval Darkness.


Since their founding in Sacramento in late 1982, but at that time under the name of City Kidd, changed into Tesla  during the recording of their first album ‘Mechanical Resonance’, this is only their seventh studio album. So despite their six year break you cannot say these guys have been very productive.  On the other hand you can also state that they never delivered bad quality material.


Nightmare are a French band, that have been plodding the metal scene since some 35 years or so, with a break between 1987 and 1999..

Embrace Of Disharmony

Embrace Of Disharmony are a new Italian progressive metal band, hailing from the Rome region.  They are fronted by Gloria Zanotti, who sings the main vocals, whereas Matteo Salvarezza plays the guitars, and does the harsher vocal parts. So far they had only released a demo and an EP.


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