Thunder Lord

This Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from Santiago, Chile was founded back in 2002 by singer/ guitarist Esteban Peñaililo, second guitarist Misael Cabello, bassist Francisco Menares and a drummer of whose identity I am uncertain (it being either Nicolás Duarte, or a fellow known just as Luis).


Although this Modern Heavy Metal was founded only last year, its individual members can already boast experiences in the Italian scene going back a decade. So, let us check what these dudes (and lady) have been up to in the past, shall we?

High Spirits

To be honest I thought this was yet another rerelease of an obscure NWOBHM band, something HRR has somewhat built up a reputation with…. But no as it turns out High Spirits is the project of a certain Chris Black… it seems Mr.Black  must have a deep love for the early 80’s hardrock and metal scene as “You are here”, is 9 tracks of pure  nostalgia, at least if lIke me you’re well over forty, closer to 50…..


Before getting to the band at hand, let's make it clear from the go, that this is NOT about the US Heavy/ Thrash Metal act founded in Buffalo during the year 2000, which up to day delivered a 2001 demo, a first full-length entitled Execution Protocol on Too Damn Hype Records in 2002, two ensuing full-lengths (2004's For Whom The Gods Would Destroy and 2006's Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight) on Lifeforce Records, and whose last “sign of life” came with the 2009 5-track EP The Curse Of The King, issued th


There was a time that Victory Records was at the fore front of the hardcore and punkrock scene…. Since a while now the label is also home to a vast number “modern –nu- metal “ bands,  Emmure being one of the bigger names in the genre…. Eternal nightmare is the 4 full length of this NY Queens based band. So what’s on offer…. Not a lot I dare say, just as many other bands in the same niche, there  is the stop and go riffing, the samples, the obligatory distorted vocals and a solid production.


Diesel are a brand new British band, despite the fact that the founding members have already earned their trademarks in the rock music business.  The band consists of Robert Hart on vocals (Bad Company/ Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), Jim Kirkpatrick on guitars, percussion, backing vocals and finally additional keyboards (FM) as backbone assisted by Jimmy Copley on drums, and finally Pat Davey on bass.

Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes  were formed in 1992 in Sweden, and despite already having released six albums before this one, have gone by pretty unnoticed I guess.  It has taken them six years since their previous album ‘Chained’ to bring out new work, on the Massacre label this time. Not only are they on another label, but former guitarist: vocalist  Mikael Dahl has also rejoined the band, to replace Søren Nico Adamsen.

The Used it turns out, we at ConcreteWeb last came across this American “Rock” band on the occasion of the release of their 2007 album Lies For The Liars (for which a review by yours was posted on July 10 of that same year – look it up in our “Archive” section for details on the band's career up to that point)!


On July 20th 2014 Concreteweb updated the new Avitas-album Northern Ghosts. But since sole member Patrick Myrtroen, who also runs the Bud Metal Records-label, did send us the 2009-album Saga Of The Nationalist too, I will be that sweet to have this material reviewed too. You’re welcome…

Ace Frehley

5 years after the release of ‘Anomaly’ former ‘KISS’- guitarist ‘Ace Frehley’ is back with a new release called ‘Space Invader’. After all the rumor about ‘The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ if ‘KISS’ would do a reunion with their former band members ‘Ace’ and ‘Peter Criss’ the promotion is a bonus to promote his new album ‘Space Invader’.


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