Portland Oregon…is that not the place the TV series Grimm calls home? Apparently, it’s also the homestead of Chasma and their introduction to me, is their third album Omega Theorian…. 

Halo Of Flys

Halo Of Flys… Hello Alice Cooper… This Illinois-based band, however, did adapt their moniker a little, but they do not hide their appreciation for this master of Shock Rock, and even mention him in their thanks list.

Born From Pain

These gentlemen from The Netherlands are coming up with a brand new album called ‘Dance With The Devil’. Like were used of them this new album again is strong, pure hardcore and it includes clearly messages in their songs. This is the new release since their last album ‘The New Future’ (2012) who was once again one hell of a blast for every true hardcore fan.


What is this.  If I’d say the Germans have a bad taste, I’d be close to the truth.  This is the country that brings us the ‘schlager’ festivals, and other disastrous events, yet also a country that has produced many world class metal bands, like Accept, Doro, and the list goes on.


Evergrey is a band I first got acquainted with when I bought their ‘In Search Of Truth’ album, which was the bands third release, and I now realize that since buying that album, I’ve more or less unconsciously bought every album they’ve released since.


Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part euh...four (for details, see review David J Caron, posted a couple of weeks ago – with an apology from my part for not following the first parts more swiftly, but conditions at work were just too hectic and demanding, and I even suffered a short illness)!

Luke Fortini

And...Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part five (for details, see David J Caron review posted a couple of weeks ago)!

Although Luke Fortini (actual name Luca) is presented to us here as an individual artist, he is not an unwritten entity within his country's musical community, from which he's even gone international playing guitar in Paul Di'Anno's band from 2002 to 2005 (playing many gigs allover Europe).

Kissin Dynamite

Line up :


Hannes Braun – Vocals

Jim Müller – Guitars

Ande Braun – Guitars

Steffen Haile – Bass

Andreas Schnitzer - Drums

This quintet hails from the southern parts of Germany and is celebrating the release of their fourth studio album.  Sometimes that information is all you need to know as the music doesn’t conjure orgasms or even the slightest emotional response. 

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard” is an English Doom Metal band from Dorset, England. And  formed in 1993. Current members are: Jus Oborn – lead vocals, guitars (1993–present), Liz Buckingham – guitars (2003–present), Clayton Burgess – bass (2014–present), Simon Poole – drums, percussion (2012, 2014-present)


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