I guess SPV/Steamhammer wanted to hop on the bandwagon, and make money by releasing this single as a Christmas release, and linking this to the commemoration of the Great War as well (That’s the First World War, for those of you who have just come out of a centuries long hibernation – just kidding of course).

Sister Sin

Since Arch Enemy and Walls Of Jericho it’s been proved that female fronted bands are also really big and heavy when it comes to metal. Well, Sister Sin is also one, great band who the vocals are lead by a female. This band comes with their Dirty Metal sound from the capital of Sweden. One of the biggest European countries which has great metal bands. Sister Sin is a powermetal band from which Sweden counts a lot.

Riot V

When founding member and guitar virtuoso Mark Reale passed away in 2012, the future for Riot seemed unclear.  Was this band, with a career of almost 40 years, doomed to be ended? This would really have been a shame, after releasing magic albums like Narita, Fire Down Under, and their latest efforts Thundersteel and Immortal Soul, not to forget The Privilege Of Power.

Michael Jessen

I have to confess I had never heard of Danish guitarist Michael Jessen. Memories is his debut album and with it he delivers a solid first efford. Michael was able to to get Gören Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) behind the microphone and the line up was completed with Christopher Hoaas on Bass and Mads Grunnet on drums.

Messiah’s Kiss

In the fall of 2008, vocalist Mike Tirelli was diagnosed with stomach cancer. At the same time guitarist and songwriter Georg Kraft had also a serious health issue so the band went on hiatus to give both gentlemen the time to take care of their health problems. After seven years the band returns with their fourth album and it is a come back that blows away their three previous albums.


Astralion is new band in the melodic power metal genre, Like many other bands in this style they hail from Finland. They formed in 2011 and have with vocalist Ian Highhill and Bassist Dr. K. Lundell two ex-Olympos Mons members in their ranks. The line-up is completed with guitarist Hank Newman and drummer Arnold Hackman both ex-members of the thrash band The Addiction. Keyboard player Thomas Henry rounds up the line-up.


Wolfen come from Cologne Germany and Evilution is their 5th full length album since the band started out in the second half of the nineties… 

Skeptical Minds

Brussels-based act Skeptical Minds was formed in 2002, and in 2005 they released a first album, Rent To Kill, via FYB Records, the label that took, and still takes care of all (European) releases by this band. In 2010 there was a second album (Skepticalized), and throughout the past decade, there were some EP’s and some live stuff too.


Wow….for a moment I thought I was the victim of a time warp which brought me back to the late seventies, listening to a new record on dad’s record player.

Demonic Resurrection

Despite the enormous population, India might not house so much internationally acclaimed Metal-acts. Lately, we can hear more and more stuff from out there (Zero Gravity, Dhwesha, Halahkuh, Exhumation, Dying Embrace etc.), thanks to the promotional boost offered via Transcending Obscurity, and the motivation and passion of Kunal Choksi, amongst others. But there is one Indian band that did conquer Mater Terra years ago: Demonic Resurrection.


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