I’ll keep this introduction very short. Manes hail from Norway and released quite differing / different stuff in the past. I was truly obsessed / possessed by the debut Under Ein Blodraud Maane (1998), but the other recordings showed another side of etc… You know, or you do not, but there’s the .net to help you out.

Various Artists

Why you’d call a CD with Christmas songs Ragnarok Juletide is a mystery to me.  A Juletide – correct writing should be Yuletide by the way being a pre-Christian festival associated with Winter solstice, so the only link is that the period is around the time we Christians celebrate Christmas, and Ragnarok – correct spelling should be Ragnarök being  a series of future events in Norse Mythology, including a great battle during which a fair number of important Norse gods, likeThor, Odin and Loki die.


Outside Italy, Epitaph, originating from the beautiful city of Verona, aren’t that known at all. They were actually formed in the Eighties, and did release three demos, but that’s about it. And now, finally, almost three decades after their birth, Epitaph come up with their debut studio full length album, called Crawling Out Of The Crypt. It seems to be a mostly fitting title, isn’t it…


Dimension is a band that hails from Denver – Colorado, and this is their third release after their 2002 debut ‘Universal’ and the 2007 album ‘Ego’, both released by Nightmare Records. 


Harmony  is a Swedish metal band, that was formed in 2000 by Markus Sigfridsson.  They recorded a demo in 2001, and recorded their first album ‘Dreaming Awake’ in 2002, which was released via Massacre Records in 2003.  Their second album ‘Chapter II : Aftermath’ was released on Ulterium Records in 2008. This is their third album, and the second one released via Ulterium Records.

Cea Serin

An album that contains only 5 tracks, and has total playing time of just over 47 minutes is quite unusual.  The band already exists since 1997, and has previously released some demo’s and finally their first studio ‘Wher Memories Combine’ album in 2004.


Skinflint originates from Botswana, a country more known for it’s diamonds than for it’s music.  I’d never heard of the band, yet is seems this is their fouth album already.  The band is made up of three musicians.

Darkness Divided

Darkness Divided is a Christian Metalcore band which originated as a worship act at church youth retreats, where Gerard Mora (lead unclean vocals), Christopher James Mora (guitar & backing unclean vocals) and Joseph Mora (bass) played songs in the Jeremy Camp and Third Day style.


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