My first introduction to Brazilian thrashers Korzus  was their 1986 album “ao vivo”,  this was the result of extensive tape & vinyl trading. Back then Korzus where next to SEPULTURA the only Brazilian band I was really aware off. Now 2014, and !9!

Ichabod Krane

Finally a power metal album which is worthy of the term Power metal, US power metal from Detroit that is.  So that means high pitched yet powerful vocals, (no DRAGONFORCE / BLIND GUARDIAN/ HELLOWEEN crap) ferocious guitar riffs and leads assisted  by  a tight rhythm section.


German power metal… even after 35 year or so it stays a story of some hits but mainly loads of misses.  So is FORENSICK a hit or a miss…?  Well let’s call it a bit of both..   On a positive note the band is not overdoing it with choirs, happy singalong choruses and pompous sounding  keyboards..


Udo Dirkschneider has been in the music business since 40 years, first with German metal band Accept, with whom he got his first success, afterwards with his own band, simply named after himself UDO.  This is his fifteenth studio album so far, and while not a true concept album, it’s main theme is the decadency of nowadays life, especially by the rich and privileged part of our society.

Serious Black

When I put this CD on, I had not looked at the info about this band yet.  Upon hearing the first notes I said to myself : I have heard this voice before.  And damn right I was, vocalist is none other than Urban breed (Tad Morose, Bloodbound, …).  So I started looking through the other info.

Black Fate

I almost thought I had put on a new Kamelot album, but it was the new album by Greek metal band Black Fate.  This band started out in 1990, and despite great reviews on their first two demos in the Greek metal media, it was only in 2000 thet their first album was released on Secret Port Records. 

Project Arcadia

After reviewing the most recent Crimson Blue album; here’s a band that comes from Eastern Europe, more especially from BulgariaIt seems the band exists since 2009, and have already released at least one album the 2009 ‘From The Desert Of Desire’.

Mind Maze

Only having released their debut album ‘Mask Of Lies’ in 2013, Mind Maze from Pennsylvania are already there with a next album ‘Back From The Edge’. 

Crimson Blue

Out of Moscow – Russia, hails this band, that brings us a combination of what you’d call gothic rock mixed with progressive metal, but there is more into their music than just that.


Stormborn” is the  new  (4th) album  from Swedisch  metal band BloodboundBloodbound  decribe  “Stormborn" as a bombastic well  produced  album bringing  us metal hyms of exceptional class”……  Is this correct I than think….  Well it is partially,  it’s bombastic and it’s well produced, in fact it’s so bombastic that after playing it a couple of times the overkill of choruses and choir singalongs  make Stormborn   sound rather childish  (Satanic Panic, Iron throne or  just about every other track) instead of epic and that can’t


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