The Gathering

The Gathering is a band I vaguely knew by name, and I might have heard some songs of them in the past, but that’’s about  it.  So when I was given this triple CD to review, I didn’t really know what was coming towards me.  Hell, I didn’t even know this band had been around for 25 years already.

Ill Niño

How painful : a Metal band with its first 3 albums (2001's Revolution Revolución, 2003's Confession and 2005's One Nation Underground) out on Roadrunner Records...and there's not even one in my collection, nor any of the albums which followed (2008's Enigma, 2010's Dead New World and 2012's Epidemia), and that with the sales figures of the two first albums already exceeding a million copies! I guess I' have to make some kind of mending, by relating to you the band's history in a nut-shell?


Alright, let's do a quickie...that's what I thought yesterday evening, before picking up the info I'd gathered about this Gothic Metalcore act from Schwarzenfeld, in the Bavarian region of Germany, and realizing I had a bigger job ahead of me than I'd reckoned for.


This new Ewigheim-album is to celebrate the project’s 15th anniversary. For a discography and biography, I’d like to refer to the reviews I did for the former recordings, Nachruf (see update January 6th 2014) and Bereue Nichts (posted on October 31st 2012, available within Concreteweb’s Archive).


My goodness! Even though this Osaka based Japanese outfit only released its debut EP in 2009, and can therefore still be seen as a relatively young band, I'm still wondering slightly why I'd never heard of this wacky collective before!

Space Vacation

This band was a surprise to me.  I’d never heard of these Californians before, yet this is already their third album.  Of the band members the only name that rings a bell is that of Kiyoshi Morgan, who used to be the guitarist in Vicious Rumors.


Before i express my opinion, I have to admit that black/trash metal is not usually my kind of music... But I did like Persecution Mania. Long time ago though.... Even listened to Epitome of Torture again, to catch up.


Bloodbath is founded in 1998, with a shared fascination for horror and death metal. Since the release of their first EP, Breeding Death in 2000, Bloodbath is a real pioneer in extreme (death) metal music. Grand Morbid funeral is (again) recorded at the Ghost Ward Studio and The City of Glass Studio in Stockholm.  Mix for the account of David Costillo.


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