Woods Of Desolation

Woods Of Desolation are the brainchild of D., who hails from New South Wales, Australia, and who started this outfit in 2005. He was active in Grey Waters too, at that moment, but he was able to have some first recordings done with guest vocalists. About four years ago, the project signed to the Northern Silence-roster, and a first result of this collaboration was called Torn Beyond Reason, a majestic epic that I do still consider one of the highlights of 2011.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Unaussprechlichen Kulten are probably one of the most legendary bands ever from Chilean soil. Their last album, People Of The Monolith, was nothing else but a masterpiece, and I was quite happy to notice that now, finally, after six years of impatience, the band does return with their third full length, Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath. Iron Bonehead will release the stuff on vinyl.


I was quite surprised when I received this album, because Debemur Morti Productions are a label I do refer to Black Metal in general, and Tamerlan are an acoustic Neo-Folk project. Yet at the other hand, the border in between (Black) Metal and Neo-Folk isn’t but an imaginary and subjective element. Okay, the Music itself does differ, but there are lots of connections in between both genres: shared artists / musicians, comparable lyrical concepts and, of course, many other labels that do house bands and projects from both these aural styles.


As far as I can gather, This Haarlem based Dutch Melodic Hardcore Punk band was founded in July of 2010, and following several increasingly popular shows released their debut single Gunshow some year and a half ago.

October File

Every once in a while even your more experienced reviewer, no matter how varied his musical preference or how extensive (s)he collects music outside those albums (s)he comes across in (her/his) journalistic career, will come across some long-existing band (s)he never heard of. the “long-existing” thing is relative...but the guys have nevertheless already put their mark on the UK's scene!

Veni Domine

Although this band has been around for some 25 years, and having so far released six studio albums, I’d never heard of them.  And after listening to this new album, my opinion is still unclear.  Have I missed something by not having heard of them before or not.

various artists

Kaotoxin Records are one of those labels that comes with an enormous variety in releases, though mainly Death Metal and Grindcore-based. One of the genres they are known for is the Grindcore-scene.

Morning Dwell

Morning Dwell is a young power Metal band from Sweden.  As a matter of fact this started as a one man project by Petter Hjerpe who started writng some music, and was later on joined by some friends. I 2003 he came for the first time with the name Morning Dwell for a project, as a matter of fact  a demo that contained five songs. In 2013 he re-recorded some of his ten year old songs, added some new ones, and made a new demo.


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