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Hang the Bastard

This London based outfit seems to be pretty fast rising stars on the firmament of Doom stoner Sludge metal .  “Sex  in the seventh circle” is the second full length of this quartet and the first one on century media .  As  we all know, SEX sells..  However does it also sell if packed in a  47.30 minutes slab of thundering riffs pounding drums and  vile gnarls  aka “ vocals” ?  The answer is  yes it does …   Right  form opener  “Keeping Vigil,   HTB grabs you by the  balls only  to let go after 10 other deadly slabs of doom metal heaviness .  If  band like

Entombed AD

Allright, first of all if the  name  Entombed  does not ring a bell  then  you should ask yourself where you  have been the last 24 years…. as there is no denying that these Swedes  may  be added to the handful of bands  which will always serve as a reference when the work of newer bands in the same genre – this being Deathmetal or death’nroll  if you like-  needs to be reviewed by a poor hobby writer as myself. Just to say that when there epic debut album “left hand path”  saw the light of day  back in 1990?

The Dagger

Line Up :

Jani Kataja – Vocals

David Blomqvist – Guitars

Tobias Christiansson – Bass

Fred Estby – Drums

I have been having an affair with Scandinavian rock for a number of years now, so I was quick to stick my hand up to review the debut self-titled album by Swedish band ‘The Dagger.’ There is a hell of a lot of bands at the moment that are mining that ‘classic’ metal sound from the seventies and early eighties, ‘The Dagger’ prove that it’s not a bad thing.


The sheer fact that EYEHATEGOD are still around in 2014….drug issues, superstorms and members passing away, have not stopped this New Orleans quintet to release 14 years after their last full length a new  album full off  sludge, feedback, core and whatever sounds one can link to a nightmare.


Line up :

Chris Jericho – vocals

Rich Ward - guitars, vocals

Frank Fontsere - drums

Billy Grey - guitars

Paul Di Leo - bass

Tim Bowness

When introducing North West English singer (and occasional guitarist) Tim Bowness, labels have a tendency of placing his most noteworthy accomplishments in the first place...but I'm a bit of a weirdo, so I'll do things differently (besides, it fits into the flow of this article anyway)!


Founded in 2010 as a side-project for guitarists John Browne (Fellsilent) and Josh Travis (Tony Danza Tapdance Experience), this band has nothing to do at all with the Dutch Black/Doom Metal act by the same name, which formed in 2012 and self-released its 2-track debut EP The December Sessions in February of last. Nay, this Monuments is a Progressive Metal act, which is capable of making a perfect marriage of complex structures and melodies!

Flood The Red

In late 2004, three Scots fresh out of school in their native town of Airdrie (a satellite town of Glasgow, situated some 19 km East from that metropolis' center) decided that they wanted to travel the world in places where one would not ordinarily go...and their music would be the vehicle which would help them achieve that goal! That trio would eventually grow into the sextet it is today, with members who have roots in South Africa, Canada and the US, but all based in that same small neighborhood of the globe.


Good creeps...finally I come across this legendary band again! You know, I remember having heard this band's fourth full-length album Confederacy Of Ruined Lives (2000) at a friend's place, somewhere at around the time I got involved in this website, actually, and having been blown away with the band's wacky mixture of Black Sabbath tonality and Post-Hardcore styled vocals.

Boris The Blade

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, “Deathcore” act Boris The Blade (taking their name from a character in the 2000 crime comedy movie Snatch) was founded in 2010 by the foursome of singer Daniel Sharp, guitarist Josh Lording, bassist Coby Chatz, and drummer Daniel Hickey.


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