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I do not think Triptykon need any introduction anymore. They actually started six years ago as a side-project of Celtic Frost, but soon it all turned more serious. Tom G. ‘Warrior’ Fischer left Celtic Frost (and Celtic Frost disbanded soon after), and lots of material he wrote after the Monotheist-sessions (which I still think was a splendid album) seemed to be a logical basement for his new group.

Martyr Defiled

When Martyr Defiled debuted with their full length Collusion, they were sort of catapulted to the top of the scene in the U.K. Also, they built up an enormous ‘popularity’ for their extreme live performances. In mean time, Martyr Defiled shared the stage with the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art Is Murder, Despised Icon and All Shall Perish.

Ageless Oblivion

Hampshire, UK-based act Ageless Oblivion have never been my favourite Death formation, despite the enormous appreciation / influence / inspiration by so-called USDM-bands like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Immolation, Nile, Hate Eternal or Dying Fetus. But with this album things do change.

First a short introduction, however, if you want it or not; I will just do so...


Demoraliser an English group founded in June 2010. Current members are for the moment: James Dexter – Vocals, Nathan Smith – Guitar, Sam Jarvis – Guitar, James Raisbeck – Bass and Mat Ombler – Drums.


Zoax is an alternative rock/metalband coming from Londen, founded in 2013. Five people: Adam Carroll – vocals, Daniel Prasad – guitar, Douglas Wotherspoon – guitar, Joe Copcutt – bass and Jonathan Rogers – drums. Found on the infosheet “Genre defying, exhillarating and refreshing


Dyscarnate an English band founded in Horsham in the year 2004. Current members are Henry Bates (Bass, Vocals) Matt Unsworth (Drums) and Tom Whitty (Guitars, Vocals). A band playing death metal with a lot of hardcore influences.

Vattnet Viskar

In spite of their bandname (which is Swedish for 'the water is whispering'), Vattnet Viskar is an American Atmospheric Black/ Doom Metal band from Plaistow, New Hampshire, where it was founded during Summer 2010 by guitarists Chris Alfieri and Nicholas Thornbury (the latter also taking on the task of lead vocalist), with Alan Sobodacha and Colin Conway ( see also Death Ray Vision, Frozen, Sentinel, Soul Remnants – formerly of The Ye

Eyes Set To Kill

This now Tempe, AZ based Alternative/ Post-Hardcore/ Screamo band was originated in Phoenix (also AZ) during 2003 by sisters Alexia (guitar) and Anissa (bass) Rodriguez, alongside former lead singer Lindsay Vogt, who searched the local scene for musicians (a second singer – for “unclean”, a rhythm guitarist, and a drummer) to join their band.


Boy Oh Boy, what a mistake I’ve made.  I should have listened to this album much earlier, because it’s damn good.  Mind you, it’s not on par with what must be Queensrÿche’s most successful and most influential album up to now, that is of course ‘Operation Mindcrime’, but it almost  reaches the same celestial heights. 


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