Serpent Venom

Of Things Seen & Unseen is the sophomore full length by UK-based Serpent Venom, after Carnal Altar. This new full album was recorded at the Skyhammer Studio in Autumn 2013 with nobody else but Chris Fielding at the helm - think Conan, Moss, The Wounded Kings, Ageless Oblivion or Electric Wizard, amongst tens of others.


Avitas are a project from the English-speaking part of Canada (British Columbia), formed by Patrick Myrtroen, who runs the label Bud Metal Records. All Avitas-recordings have been released via this label, and then we’re talking about three studio full lengths, an EP and a live-recording. The latest full length, by the way, called Saga Of The Nationalist, sort of gets re-issued, so I will have the kindness, once again, to review it in a very near future.

Purple Hill Witch

The Norwegian trio Purple Hill Witch (Kristian-g, v; Andreas-b, and Øyvind-d) was formed in 2011, and their 7”EP Alchemy was received with open arms within the Doom-underground. They were recently signed by The Church Within Records, and they now release their self-titled debut full length, which lasts for forty seven minutes.

October File

Every once in a while even your more experienced reviewer, no matter how varied his musical preference or how extensive (s)he collects music outside those albums (s)he comes across in (her/his) journalistic career, will come across some long-existing band (s)he never heard of. the “long-existing” thing is relative...but the guys have nevertheless already put their mark on the UK's scene!

Brutally Deceased

Brutally Deceased hail from Czech Republic and they debuted in 2010 with Dead Lovers’ Guide, released via Lavadome Productions. In 2013 they returned with the split-LP Glory Days, Festering Years, in co-operation with Interment. This split was the band’s debut for Doomentia, by the way.

Abaddon Incarnate

Abaddon Incarnate from Ireland were formed when Bereaved were put to rest in 1994. After some demos, they were signed by France’s label Season Of Mist, and in 1999 they released The Last Supper, followed in 2001 by Nadir (through Sentinel) and Dark Crusade in 2004 (Xtreem Music).


Although active for more than a decade, this Dublin-based band remained a heavily tipped act in the Hardcore/ Metal Underground scene...but with their newest, the 5 Irish members certainly have a chance of breaking through in the major league of players!

Spectral Lore

Spectral Lore are a Greek one-man project, formed in 2005 by Ayloss, whom you might recognise as well from Divine Element or his assistance for Warbled Arma. He created and released several recordings under this moniker, including I and II (how original), as well as some splits (amongst which one with Locust Leaves, and via the current label, the mighty I, Voidhanger Records, one with Mare Cognitum).


Revelation is the first full length studio album by Malhkebre, despite about twelve years of existence. In the past there was a very limited demo-cassette, an EP (Prostration) and a split-EP (with Aosoth), and that’s it. At the other hand, the band built up a fine live reputation, having shared the stages with the likes of Hell Militia, Antaeus, Ofermod, Embrace Of Thorns, Deströyer 666 etc.


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