Luke Fortini

And...Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part five (for details, see David J Caron review posted a couple of weeks ago)!

Although Luke Fortini (actual name Luca) is presented to us here as an individual artist, he is not an unwritten entity within his country's musical community, from which he's even gone international playing guitar in Paul Di'Anno's band from 2002 to 2005 (playing many gigs allover Europe).

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard” is an English Doom Metal band from Dorset, England. And  formed in 1993. Current members are: Jus Oborn – lead vocals, guitars (1993–present), Liz Buckingham – guitars (2003–present), Clayton Burgess – bass (2014–present), Simon Poole – drums, percussion (2012, 2014-present)


Casket Music/ Copro Records – Catch-up, part One! (for details, see review David J. Caron)Getting straight into the nitty-gritty of things, Audiobreed is a Heavy Rock/ Southern Rock/ Stoner Rock act founded in Piraeus (Athens), Greece, during the year 2008.


I was very pleased with the evolution Xerath underwent in between both first albums. The debut I was acceptable, but with II, Xerath did surprise me a lot. That’s why I was pleased to notice that now, after almost three and a half year of impatiently waiting, there is a new Xerath full length, ingeniously called III.

Voodoo Gods

The very young Tampere, Finland-based label Saturnal Records suddenly came out of the blue with three highly interesting releases; Hellspirit with Dawn Under Curse and On Death’s Wings by Blood Red Fog were the first releases, available as from May 26th 2014 on; check out the reviews I did, posted respectively on August 16th and July 18th 2014.


On July 20th 2014 Concreteweb updated the new Avitas-album Northern Ghosts. But since sole member Patrick Myrtroen, who also runs the Bud Metal Records-label, did send us the 2009-album Saga Of The Nationalist too, I will be that sweet to have this material reviewed too. You’re welcome…

Corrosion Of Conformity

Second release of COC after a while on hiatus whilst Pepper Keenan is living it up with DOWN… I ‘ve been listening several times to this album and unfortunately I cannot get myself to really appreciate it..  Production wise it’s obvious that together with Pepper also a decent recording budget went…  (it’s  really a shame how Reed Mullin’s drums are sounding like a someone hitting cardboard boxes and sheetmetal whatevers instead of his well known  hammering …. ).

English Dogs

The  early days of English Dog go back to the very early 80’s, when they were an exponent for a style of punk which started to show some moderate metallic influences something they shared with GBH and Discharge.  As years went on English Dogs  choose to opt for a more metal approach as where the aforementioned other examples opted to stick to there punk roots….,In all fairness I believe that would possibly have the better choice for English Dogs as well….  Fact being that as the more they headed into the di


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