Solace Of Requiem

The American band Solace Of Requiem aren’t a traditional band, nor easily comparable to one or another sub-genre whatsoever. In 2004 they released their self-called debut album, which brought very dense and old schooled Doom-Death Metal. The second one, Utopia Reborn (2006), was quite different, for adding somewhat classic Death Metal with lots of progressive elements. Then the band underwent some internal struggles, so it took quite some time before they were able to return with another album.


My goodness! Even though this Osaka based Japanese outfit only released its debut EP in 2009, and can therefore still be seen as a relatively young band, I'm still wondering slightly why I'd never heard of this wacky collective before!


Shortly after the release of the fantastic Atrum Tempestas-album Néant (see update November 10th 2014), very young Portuguese label Nordavind Records release Solace, the second full length of Norway’s Vinterbris. The band was formed in 2008 in the city of Bergen, and there were an EP and a self-titled debut full length before. This sophomore full recording deals with man’s struggle called Life, and its place in history and within Nature.

Horn Of The Rhino

Horn Of The Rhino return with their fourth album, and once again it gets released by Czech label Doomentia Records; why changing a winning team must be their motto. The label even re-issued material from this band when they were acting under the old moniker Rhino.


For a history / biography / discography about this Swedish, excuse me, this Mexican project, I would like to refer to the reviews I did for the Reaper’s Consecration-MCD (posted on December 9th 2012) or the last full length At The Caves Of Eternal (see update June 2nd 2013). As you can see / read, I was enormously enthusiastic about this stuff.

Ordo Inferus

The glorious history, including rise and fall, of the Roman Empire, has been used as lyrical theme by dozens of (Metal) bands before. This goes as well for Ordo Inferus, a young Swedish act with members of e.g. Necrophobic, Excruciate and Nifelheim. Last year they surprised Mater Terra with the short yet highly interesting EP Damnati, and now Ordo Inferus return with their debut full length, Invictus Et Aeternus, done via major Doomentia Records.

Demonic Resurrection

Despite the enormous population, India might not house so much internationally acclaimed Metal-acts. Lately, we can hear more and more stuff from out there (Zero Gravity, Dhwesha, Halahkuh, Exhumation, Dying Embrace etc.), thanks to the promotional boost offered via Transcending Obscurity, and the motivation and passion of Kunal Choksi, amongst others. But there is one Indian band that did conquer Mater Terra years ago: Demonic Resurrection.


Portland Oregon…is that not the place the TV series Grimm calls home? Apparently, it’s also the homestead of Chasma and their introduction to me, is their third album Omega Theorian…. 

Atrum Tempestas

Sometimes I am ashamed (yes, even in my case it might occur) - I just mean that, apparently, Atrum Tempestas recorded and released an EP before, 2012’s Ne Deus Crede, and I was not aware of it… [weep weep weep and shame shame shame]. That’s a pity, and I will certainly search for that material, especially after having experienced this first full length, Néant (which actually is French for ‘denying’).


Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part euh...four (for details, see review David J Caron, posted a couple of weeks ago – with an apology from my part for not following the first parts more swiftly, but conditions at work were just too hectic and demanding, and I even suffered a short illness)!


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