Californian band Gravehill was formed in 2001, but they had a short-lived history with one EP only (which was called Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery). The band split up shortly after, but in 2007 they reformed, with the EP Metal Of Death somewhat later that very same year, and 2009’s Rites Of The Pentagram as proof of their glorious comeback.


Liverpool-based act Coltsblood was formed in 2010 by John McNulty shortly after he left Conan, but it took quite some time before the band showed on with material. 2013 saw the release of the demo Beyond The Lake Of Madness (self-released on tape, and done on vinyl a couple of months later on via Ulthar Records), and that very same year there was a split-EP as well, with city fellowmen of Crypt Lurker.


The Virus Conspires hit the decks with full on angry US (Death Angel, Exodus, Heathen, Forbidden) and German (Kreator, Destruction , Tankard) sounding-like thrash metal like “Kingdome come”, “Titan” and “Pseudocommando” with exceptional guitar solos, pounding drums and a Petrozza-like growl bite that hurts for days. Such songs as “22” and “Red Terror” to name but a few explore the passion, blood and sweat that is spread throughout the CD.

Earth Crisis

Earth Crisis is an American metalcore band from New York. The band originally formed in 1989, but its initial lineup was short-lived. Karl Buechner, (original bassist) formed a new lineup within the band in 1991, switching to lead vocals in the process. Buechner was joined by guitarists Scott Crouse, Ben Read, bassist Ian "Bulldog" Edwards and drummer Michael Riccardi.

Midnight Odyssey & The Crevices Below & Tempestuous Fall

Everything I, Voidhanger Records (an independent division of Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation aka ATMF Records) do is of a superior quality. This wonderful label releases nothing but excellent stuff, and this time it is not different. With Converge, Rivers Of Hell, this Italian label compiles material from three solo-projects by an Australian guy who calls himself Dis Pater (I have no idea who the person behind those projects is, but actually it does not matter, does it).


In a series of bands I do not want to introduce anymore, because it will be a waste of time, this Dutch act comes next. Those who do not know Pestilence better skip reading, because for this band is one of the most important ones within its specific genre, you simply have to know them. But again I cannot just go onto the specific review without at least giving a very limited impression (read: I’m too lazy to add a full biography, but I am so willing to give my personal opinion about the band; if you do have a problem with that, please F.O.


Without any doubt, the duo Ævangelist (multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, producer, engineer and mixer Matron Thorn and vocalist / lyricist / music co-writer / co-engineer Ascaris) created (one of) my absolute 2012-Number One-album (s) De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis (via I, Voidhanger Records).


Aahhh, Hawkwind...masters of Psychedelic Space Rock! You know, it's the first time I'm being asked to review an album by this great band revolving around guitarist Dave Brock? Due to our usual Spaced-out specialist temporarily being unavailable, you see, and although it means extra work in my to-do box, I'm not exactly complaining!


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