Immortal Frost Productions


After two self-released EPs and a split (with Hiisi), the Finnish duo Oath finally signed a contract with a professional label, Belgium-based Immortal Frost Productions, in order to release their debut full length. The project consists of two experienced musicians: Ville ‘V-Khaoz’ Pallonen, who you might know from Azaghal, Hin Onde, Wyrd, Druadan Forest or Hellkult, amongst others, and A.

Astral Winter

At around the same time, Belgian label Immortal Frost Productions releases two albums from Australian soil, one from Atra Vetosus (Voices From The Eternal Night; the review will be posted in a very near future, so look out), as well as the new album by Astral Winter, a solo-project of Josh Young, who is part of Atra Vetosus too (and for your undeniable important information: Josh, aka Slitver, joined forces with Immortal Frost com

Sarkrista / Unhuman Disease

This year, Immortal Frost will release two splits with Sarkrista involved. In a couple of months (probably towards the end of 2014) there will be one with Forbidden Eye and Sacrificium Carmen, but first we have the mini-album with Unhuman Disease, one of the many projects by Nocturnus Dominus. That’s the same guy, by the way, who’s involved with Forbidden Eye (the band that will appear on the upcoming split I just mentioned).


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