Ghost Of A Bullet

A Belgian  band coming out of the closer   with  a  4 track  EP (+intro)  and  describing themselves as “ dark , heavy, always melodic with a touch of Sludge“…. Surely gets my attention.

Black Autumn

Black Autumn hail from North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and were formed by M. Krall in 1995. The first years the project did not release anything official, yet as from this century, Black Autumn turned out to be a rather productive entity. There were a couple of demos in between 2003 and 2006, as well as a split (with Italy’s Abyss), and in 2007 this solo-outfit released the debut full length, Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom (ISO666). Three more full lengths followed, i.e.


Viverna are an Italian act that were formed by multi-instrumentalist Marco ‘XXXIX’ Trentanove, who formerly was in Funeral Marmoori and Sulfur. After a short period he was joined by Stefano ‘Magus Ater’ Bonini, also formerly in Sulfur, ex-Necromass, and currently active in Domini and Fangs Of The Molossus.


When I listened to Midnight’s debut album Satanic Royalty for the first time, I completely fell in love (of course of the most hateful kind) with the muSICK these guys were creating. Check the Hells Headbangers Special November 2011, posted on November 6th 2011 (including the likes of Speedwolf, Vladimirs, Sanguis Imperem and Embalmed).


The scene from New Zealand isn’t that known in our countries, and that’s a pity for there seems to be quite a vivid and interesting scene out there. 8 Foot Saliva, Ulcerate, Dawn Of Azazel and maybe a (child’s) hand full of others; everybody knows these, but there are plenty of superb bands and projects dwelling at the other side of Mater Terra (down under and then to the right…).


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