Well, those trusted with Jimmy ScreamerClauz’s Art will have another reason for brainf*ckin’ masturbat*** splatttttering pleasure, for Legs Akimbo offered / offers the naughty audience another expression of this act’s aural (and visual) sickness. The mentally sick amongst us need to pay attention!


A while ago I did write a review for the split Saturnia Tellus… Memories From The Eternal Cult, a collaboration of three Italian acts, released on Ukrainian high-quality label Vacula Productions. In case you might be interested to read this highly professional review, check the site’s update on March 26th 2015. Amongst those bands: Grimwald, an act from the city of Turin that released one single full length in mean time, 2012’s Über Grimlands Düsteren Wäldern (independently released).


On December 27th 2015 I did upload a review on the latest Avitas-release, Freezing The Holy Land, one of the solo-outfits of Canadian artist Pat ‘Myrtroen’. I’d like to invite you to read that one concerning the past, present and future details on this guy’s efforts. And future, it means: Pioneers, the upcoming album, which will hit the face of the ignorant gods very soon! Stay focused, folks!


About a year and a half ago I got in touch with Vordak from France. This guy… no, search for yourself; I did have quite some deeply interesting discussions with him, and he introduced me to some forums he was involved with, but you must find it out yourself.

Signum Regis

This band exists since 2007.  At that time their vocalist was none other than Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) with whom they recorded their first, self-titled album in 2008.  Their second album was also sung by Mr. Edman, but on their third album they employed the services of a score of singers.  Since early 2014 Mayo Petranin is their new vocalist, an unfamiliar name to me, but he’s been singing in Castaway and Dirty Game, two completely unknown bands for me.


Isenmor were formed in May 2014 in Baltimore by guitarist / vocalist Tim Regan and bassist / vocalist Mike Wilson, shortly after joined by drummer BG Drakeley, keyboardist / vocalist Jon Lyon, and violinists Nick Schneider (also vocals) and Miles Waldman.

From The Vastland

From The Vastland are an outfit by a guy called Sina, originating from Iran’s capital Tehran. In mean time this guy moved over to Trondheim, Norway. Anyway, with From The Vastland, Sina recorded three albums before, being Darkness Vs.


Hatevömit (or Hatevomit, without the ‘¨’) originate from Istanbul, Turkey, and a couple of years ago they (guitarist / bassist Unholy Nuklear Terrorist and vocalist / lyricist Damnare, both formerly in e.g. The Upheaval) joined forces with the Mexican drummer Hugo ‘Revolt’ Olivos from mighty Vomitile.


Out of nowhere Wederganger arose, reshaping the Dutch underground. Former and current members of notorious acts like Heidevolk, Fluisterwoud, Botulistum (rip), Dimensional Psychosis, Blackleaf or Weltbrand joined forces in order to create two pieces of Gueldrian Undeath Metal, which they independently released on tape in very early 2014.


Orion, at least this one, are a band from Mumbai, India, that did release a demo in 2010 (Reverie Hours) and an EP in 2012. That EP, called On The Banks Of Rubicon, is getting a new life, once again caused by the helpful assistance of Kunal, the truly devoted guy behind the Transcending Obscurity-offices. For sure he is the guy we, in Europe, do need in order to cross the border amidst our scene and the one from India; the latter being strongly unknown and, more than once, totally underestimated.


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