Signum Regis

This band exists since 2007.  At that time their vocalist was none other than Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) with whom they recorded their first, self-titled album in 2008.  Their second album was also sung by Mr. Edman, but on their third album they employed the services of a score of singers.  Since early 2014 Mayo Petranin is their new vocalist, an unfamiliar name to me, but he’s been singing in Castaway and Dirty Game, two completely unknown bands for me.


Isenmor were formed in May 2014 in Baltimore by guitarist / vocalist Tim Regan and bassist / vocalist Mike Wilson, shortly after joined by drummer BG Drakeley, keyboardist / vocalist Jon Lyon, and violinists Nick Schneider (also vocals) and Miles Waldman.

From The Vastland

From The Vastland are an outfit by a guy called Sina, originating from Iran’s capital Tehran. In mean time this guy moved over to Trondheim, Norway. Anyway, with From The Vastland, Sina recorded three albums before, being Darkness Vs.


Hatevömit (or Hatevomit, without the ‘¨’) originate from Istanbul, Turkey, and a couple of years ago they (guitarist / bassist Unholy Nuklear Terrorist and vocalist / lyricist Damnare, both formerly in e.g. The Upheaval) joined forces with the Mexican drummer Hugo ‘Revolt’ Olivos from mighty Vomitile.


Out of nowhere Wederganger arose, reshaping the Dutch underground. Former and current members of notorious acts like Heidevolk, Fluisterwoud, Botulistum (rip), Dimensional Psychosis, Blackleaf or Weltbrand joined forces in order to create two pieces of Gueldrian Undeath Metal, which they independently released on tape in very early 2014.


Orion, at least this one, are a band from Mumbai, India, that did release a demo in 2010 (Reverie Hours) and an EP in 2012. That EP, called On The Banks Of Rubicon, is getting a new life, once again caused by the helpful assistance of Kunal, the truly devoted guy behind the Transcending Obscurity-offices. For sure he is the guy we, in Europe, do need in order to cross the border amidst our scene and the one from India; the latter being strongly unknown and, more than once, totally underestimated.


Svartidauði (meaning ‘black death’) hail from Iceland, and some of you might surely remember 2012’s full length Flesh Cathedral, released via Norway’s Terratur Possessions. Shortly after that release, the band started writing on some new songs, and in 2014 they released two new tracks on tape, via the very same label.

Bestial Invasion

The name ‘bestial invasion’ is quite ‘legendary’, for there are tens of, especially Thrash-oriented bands all over Mater Terra, that are named after the legendary Destruction-demo (more than three decades of age in mean time; can you imagine???!). Now it’s the name of a new band as well from Ukraine, which was formed by former Crucifix / Violent Omen bass player Metal Priest.


This is a like-or-not thing, Massemord. I think they did some great things in the past, despite quite a turbulent history. Actually this project was formed as a solo-outfit of a Norwegian guy (Lord Hastur), then joined by some other members. Eventually Lord Hastur left and both other members continued, followed by other changes in line-up, trespassing the borders with Italy, and so on. I do not feel like going to deep into the subject right now; you might find some additional info on the net, of course.

Graveyard After Graveyard

One of Sweden’s most active and productive guys for sure is Rogga Johansson, known from countless bands and projects; the list is too long, and just to mention some of them would be insulting for those I am not about to mention. This time he teams up with Mika Lagrén (of Facebreaker- and Grave-fame) and Jocke Ringdahl (think Genital Grinder, Sinners Burn or Paganizer – the latter probably being the most notorious act Rogga is part of).


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