Dark Fury (1)

For almost two decades, Dark Fury bless our sacred homelands with their dark (aural) fury (that was an easy one to start with). It’s  one of the projects with Lower Silesian Stronghold’s owner / runner Krzystof, a label that did surprise me enormously lately (click on the label’s name on top of this review to check out some other material kindly provided by them).


On April 24th 2015 we did upload the review for Deprive’s Into Oblivion, which undersigned did appreciate a lot. As a matter of fact, I am quite ‘fan’ of several things created by Erun; think: Hrizg, Briargh, CrystalMoors, Moonshine, Eldereon, Forestdome and many more. And as you could have guessed in the meantime, Stormstone too is a project by Javier ‘Erun-Dagoth’ Sixto, once again a solo-outfit.


Since Xtreem Music did climb up to the ultimate top of the worldwide (Death) Metal scene since a couple of years (I can list up some hands full of fabulous albums that have been released by this Spanish label in 2013 and 2014), I am always excited when I receive or buy a new album via this label of David ‘Rotten’ Gonzalez. This time it’s Swedish combo Dråp I am referring to: not the defunct Black Metal commando, but a Grind / Crust / Hardcore four-man army from the northern city of Sundsvall.


One of the things I do appreciate when talking about Cold Raw Records is the fact that they do re-release many stuff that otherwise never would have the opportunity to reach an audience that might appreciate that material. Several of their releases are demonstrational material, previously released on tape or digitally by the band, or distributed only locally. A couple of examples: Nocturnal Sacrifice, Uluun, Chaos Altar, Milicia Oscura etc.


Once again a quick one: Sorcery Of The Damned, the debut-EP by Chilean act Oraculum. It’s a nasty experience, lasting for twenty one minutes, bringing nothing but pure, honest, morbid and old schooled Death Metal, rooted in the Eighties vein.


If you search the .net, you will find tens of bands called Lycanthropy. I for myself do like several acts with that name, but the one from Russia / Ukraine must be one I like most. ‘Like’, can you imagine I am using that word… Anyway, on December 1st 2014 Concreteweb did upload the review undersigned did for the Dead Silence-EP, which I got from Metallic Media, and since then, this three-piece (gathered around two permanent members) recorded / released some more stuff.


We all know that Nuclear War Now! Productions’ commitment is ‘to unearth the ugliest, gnarliest metal the underground has to offer’, and that’s why this mighty label did release Unholy Union, the first demo of Chilean act Athanatos, on vinyl. Unholy Union stands for fourteen minutes of technically high-leveled, ultimately obscure and extremely harsh, pounding Morbid Death Metal from the Old School.

Harvest Gulgaltha

Harvest Gulgaltha were formed in 2012, and they did release two recordings via Aphonic Sonance: the demo-tape I and the 12”LP Necrosophic, respectively in 2012 and 2014. That demo, originally released on cassette in a limited edition of 100 copies only, will now be re-issued by great Nuclear War Now! Productions on vinyl as teaser for the upcoming second full album.


That’s why I (sometimes) like collaborations: ΑΓΟΣ, aka AGOS (yeah, I learned some Greek too in a not-so-recent past), are a partnership in between Virus Of Koch’s Van Gimot (performing about everything) and Aenaon / Black Winter’s Astrous (responsible for all lyrical and visual concepts). But such co-operations aren’t necessarily winning teams; but in this case, however, it is.


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