Ritual Genocide

Ritual Genocide are a pretty young (formed in 2013) three-piece (drummer Immolater, vocalist / bassist S19 and guitar player Hydra73) from Reno, Nevada, sharing members with Blasphemous Creation and Terroreactor. In 2015 they had a split with Phosphore Blanc (Invidious Allegiance; two tracks on this EP, by the way, did appear on that split), and now we can enjoy their first six-track mini-album, Commencement Towards Annihilation.


Hehe, I’m feeling quite lucky, for Cryostasium’s frontman Cody Maillet gave me the opportunity to listen to Projections Of Past, Present, And Future. It will be released in the future (a near future…), and this by -I’m sure- a smart label (nothing official yet, so let’s wait patiently), but I just felt like mentioning at least a couple of words on this newest Cryostasium recording – I guess it’s the 666th in mean time…


Once in a while I want to keep it simple, short, to-the-point. Right now too I am not going to deep within bio, history, background, whatsoever. Please welcome Germany’s Sømerset, a four-piece consisting of Nadine (vocals – not really of the operatic kind), Daniel (drums), Marvin (guitars and vocals) and Michael (bass). Welcome and goodbye, for apparently this releases seems to be the last effort by the band (???)…

Released on vinyl in an edition of 666 copies, crystal clear, by the way…


Neil from Legs Akimbo is quite open-minded within his choices to sign bands and projects on one of his labels. An example is Rapidax, a mad outfit that did debut on Legs Akimbo in 2013 when contributing on an EP by Ladyscraper. This review deals with, as for now, the sole official release by Rapidax, being the two-track EP The Fursty Ferret EP.


Malum are quite a young outfit by Finnish warrior Niko ‘Tyrant’ Lindell, who recently joined combos like Kalmankantaja and Infernarium (as vocalist). Since the start in 2013, he did record a couple of EP’s (Malum and Burning Trident) and one album (Crowned With The Serpent Sun).


Well, when you name your band after a pretty guy like Edmund Kemper, you probably do not need to expect songs of love and pink dreams. Edmund Kemper was, as you surely know, a Californian serial murderer, who dismembered his victims and who is accused as well for necrophilia and cannibalism. He committed his first murders at the age of fifteen (his grandparents), and after some years of collocation, he did at least eight facts in less than a year.

Enza Negra

Jose Murcia is the guy who runs Craneal Fracture Records, a label specialized in Noise, Power-Electronics and more of that sonic terrorism. Probably, in a near future, there might be some reviews for releases on that Spanish label.


Russian warriors Oprich (it’s an old Russian word that means something like ‘unique’, ‘opposite’, ‘against’, ‘isolated’) return with a new epic tale, focusing on the glory of the past, the heroism and pride of Old. It’s called Wind’s Heady Mead, and it comes in an edition limited to 100 copies only (hand-numbered) on vinyl with cover artwork created by Igor Burlakov aka Dartgarry (think: North Diamond, Hagl, Grey Heaven Fall etc.).


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