Faunus Amadeus Loki acts under different monikers, both in collaboration with other artists (such as The Krueger; for example involved with Stark von Oben or Dracul – Order Of The Dragon), as well as solo (like Visoteric [there will be a review for this project soon], Berzerker, Volk Lore, Faunus Loki or Endoki Forest); I recently wrote and updated the review for Endoki Forest’s Black Sorcerers Forest – see the upl


It is not strange that hadn’t heard of Ande before, because it seems to be a new project by Jimmy Christiaens, from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium (Flanders, somewhere…). With Light (which actually lasts for twenty two minutes), Ande bring three Black Metal tracks, accompanied by four very short untitled instrumental pieces (though, not totally untitled, for they are called I, II, III and, indeed, IV).

The Shiva Hypothesis

Our Lowlands have always been quite underestimated within the Black Metal scene, and actually it isn’t that strange, seen the glorious quality of so many acts from all over the world. Once in a while, a band from Belgium or Holland sort of ‘breaks through’, reaching an audience outside our artificial borders. Unfortunately, so many bands from our countries remains too ‘low’. Will The Shiva Hypothesis prove the opposite?

Cocaine Piss

Sometimes it’s quite strange, but more than once I seem to receive material that is not really my ‘dada’. It is not a problem, for I try to be open-minded, and if the band or label deserves some additional promotion, I am always glad to be of help.


Anthropophobe are one of the outfits by KFD aka Vordak, who’s in the mighty project Pagan Assault too (enter the band’s name in the ‘search’-tab to find some of the reviews I did for them). On January 12th 2016 I did upload a review for the Extinct Species EP, which he did release under the K.F.D.-moniker, and he’s the guy who runs Soleil Blanc Productions and Germanordic Recordings (cf. that K.F.D.-release) as well.

Celtic Dance

Celtic Dance are a Portuguese band formed two decades ago by Laldaboath, Tzaboath and Conquerer. After the recording of the 1998-debut Ancient Battlecry, Laldaboath and Tzaboath decided to leave, but Conquerer continued his activities with Celtic Dance. FYI: the re-release of that strong debut album was reviewed by undersigned and posted on this site on July 13th 2014.

Atra Vetosus

Ius Vitae Necisque is the third result of an unholy marriage in between Tasman-based act Atra Vetosus and Belgian label Immortal Frost Productions, after 2011’s A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness and 2013’s Voices From The Eternal Night (a review for that release, by the way, was put online on September 9th 2014).


Well, those trusted with Jimmy ScreamerClauz’s Art will have another reason for brainf*ckin’ masturbat*** splatttttering pleasure, for Legs Akimbo offered / offers the naughty audience another expression of this act’s aural (and visual) sickness. The mentally sick amongst us need to pay attention!


A while ago I did write a review for the split Saturnia Tellus… Memories From The Eternal Cult, a collaboration of three Italian acts, released on Ukrainian high-quality label Vacula Productions. In case you might be interested to read this highly professional review, check the site’s update on March 26th 2015. Amongst those bands: Grimwald, an act from the city of Turin that released one single full length in mean time, 2012’s Über Grimlands Düsteren Wäldern (independently released).


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