If I am not mistaken, Bestiality are now debuting with this (limited) EP. The Warsaw, Poland-based quartet (drummer Vit Argos, guitar player Galin Soulreaper, bassist Tom Cultcommander and mouth of the netherworld Alberth Dust) did record this nasty piece at the B 65 Studio and the Bestial Sound, produced by the band, and engineered + mixed by Maciej Radecki, and it gets released by one of Poland’s most impressive labels, Old Temple.


Slovakian outfit Necroheresy was formed in 2012 by former and current members of e.g. Karpathia, Aeon Winds, Krajiny Hmly, Silva Nigra or Concubia Nocte. To my knowledge, this is the band’s first official release, having a total running time of almost twenty minutes, for five tracks and an intro. The latter, also the title of the album, combines church balls and Gregorian chants with some background noise, and believe me: it sets the tone for quite some intense experience!


I honestly cannot sum up more than five bands from Montenegro, but this act, Abhoth, hails from that former Yugoslavian country. They were formed somewhere in the middle of last decade, initially meant to be a studio-only project (and I think it will stay that way).


I am quite crazy about J.R.R. Tolkien’s material, and then I am referring to much more than the Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit books alone. Also the former eras are pretty interesting, if not even more, yet they are sadly underestimated. But around our little globe, there are many (human) beings that know something about the older stories. Such one is Portuguese duo Nienör, named after Niënor, the daughter of Húrin and Morwen, and sister of Urwen and Túrin aka Turambar.

The Kill

Since a couple of years, Australia seems to become one of the most important countries when it comes to Grindcore. And then I am not talking about the ‘average’ kind of grinding ugliness; I am referring to a new angle within the scene. Internal Rot, Captain Cleanoff, Infested Entrails, Coffin Birth, Filth (they seem to have been resurrected), Fuck… I’m Dead and many more; they’re all doing what the grind-fan needs: infecting our mind with slime, pus, mucus…

Ars Veneficium

Finally! The first release of Belgian horde Ars Veneficium! All together: joepie! Why such enthusiasm? Well, actually I need to do so, because this is one of the bands Immortal Frost ProductionsSurtur is involved with, so I cannot but be positive…


This review deals not with the Portuguese DSBM-band Nyctophilia, but with the Latvian one, dwelling within the same emotional / aural atmospheres. It’s a very young formation that recorded a first EP at the DMX Sound Records studio. For the release of this four-tracker, Nyctophilia joined forces with young German label Weltfeind, created to support ‘Depressive Underground Music’ of all kinds.


I hadn’t heard about German / Japanese artist Shira Tails or Catgirl before, but apparently she already released some stuff via German label Vomit Bucket Productions, like split with material with the likes of Kaeltiinbruch or Ataraxy – the latter being one of the projects by label owner Gag. Her material is mainly inspired by Japanese anime (cf.


Apocryfal are a band from Jyväskylä, Finland. In 2012 they recorded and independently released their demo Ravens, which I unfortunately didn’t have the chance (yet) to listen to. This release, the Aberration Of Mind-five tracker, follows the very same path, but, so says the band, it is ‘much more controlled and prepared manifestation’.

Piss Vortex

Formed in 2011, Copenhagen-based act Piss Vortex spent three years in the making of their debut album. The quartet, i.e. Simon S. Christensen (v), Christian Bonnesen (g), Niclas J. Sauffaus (d), and Rasmus Moesby (b), finally recorded the material in three days, mainly live to maintain a raw, improvisional and organic sound. The material was produced by Jakob R.


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