Lower Silesian Stronghold

Xaos Oblivion

My first acquaintance with Xaos Oblivion was in 2008, when this Polish horde did release the album Antithesis Of Creation. Before there were some demonstrational recordings under the name Oblivion, yet since there were several Polish acts with that very same moniker, the name turned into Xaos Oblivion. Some more albums did follow under the Xaos Oblivion-moniker, each time praised and hailed, at least by those who understand quality.


Canadian act Geimhre was formed almost fifteen years ago, and currently consists of (former / current) members of e.g. Wolfhammer Division and Fomorii.


Next year Californian band Nokturne will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. So, feel free to sing a birthday-sing-along…

Mortuus Caelum - Enoid - Dizziness

First a remark, for this split has been announced as a Greek collaboration; even within the CD-book gets mentioned: ‘Hellenic Black Metal War …raise the banners…’. So, what’s my ‘problem’? Actually I do not care, but being a purist (I admit: I am a semi-autistic freak…) I have to make this remark. This split consists of three projects amongst which two that hail from Greece indeed, and one that actually is not located in Hellas at all.

Popravčí Vrch

Popravčí Vrch (aka Execution Hill) are a peaceful act from Czech Republic, formed in 2012 as a side-project by Poprava members Kat (v, b), Raborym (d; also known from his current or past activities in bands like Dark Fury [the review on their 2014-album Synningthwait was posted on July 21st; check it out!], Othar, Thoth, Thor’s Hammer or Selbsmord), and


Lower Silesian Stronghold, one of the strongest upcoming Black Metal labels from Poland, make me happy once again by giving me the opportunity to listen (and, by consequence, to review; but it’s my pleasure!) to Winterfront’s debut full length album, released two and a half years after the independently released EP Of Iron And Blood. Two tracks of that mini-album, by the way, have been re-recorded for this full album.

Dark Fury

The Wroclaw, Poland-based band Dark Fury (not the Heavy Metal act with the prefix ‘the’) was formed in 1997 and has quite an impressive curriculum vitae. They are on Lower Silesian Stronghold for quite some period now (they were on the label when this one was still called True Underground Productions), and this eighth full length comes via the very same label.


Polish horde Wolftribe were formed almost ten years ago by Satagiah, and the band released a first album in 2008 via the Czech label Radiation Noise Productions (called Pura Odium, by the way). Things went silent for quite a while, but Satagiah (guitars, vocals, drums, music) recruited two new members in order to record the sophomore album, Dolor Aeterna.

Celtic Dance

Celtic Dance are a Portuguese band that was formed about twenty years ago by Laldaboath, Tzaboath and Conquerer. After the recording of the debut Ancient Battlecry, which came to life with assistance of a fourth member, Xeque-Mate, Laldaboath and Tzaboath decided to leave. Soon after, both of them formed Arkenstone, but that’s another story.


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