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You know that I never mind writing something for an ‘older’ release, in case it is truly worth deserving my time and attention, and/or when some additional support / promotion can be of help. This certainly goes for some releases on the French label Hass Weg Productions. The reason is simple: honesty, pride, truth and especially: devotion!


One of the most productive Spanish (Black) Metal artists for sure is Javier ‘Erun’ Sixto, (formerly or currently) active under the banner of e.g.

Demonic Slaughter

It’s always a sardonic pleasure to listen to a (new) album on Lower Silesian Stronghold. With this sixth album by Poland’s Demonic Slaughter it’s no difference. This time in co-operation with French label Hass Weg Productions, Lower Silesian Stronghold prove once more that they are able to find qualitative bands (and releases) that are able to please a selected yet superior audience, and able to irritate the stupid, ignorant masses on our filthy globe.

Dark Fury (2)


There is no need to write a full introduction on Polish horde Dark Fury, for you can find the necessary information in one of the previously written reviews I did this and last year; just click on the band’s name on top (the same, evidently, goes for the great other material on Lower Silesian Stronghold).

Diabolical Principles

Greek outfit Diabolical Principles is a project by members of e.g. Mortuus Caelum and Divine Blasphemy. Throughout the past decade, they released a handful of stuff, and now they return with the third full length, which is called The Final Step Before The Dawn. The material was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered at the Abyssal Studio and Studio 5 by main members Gareth and Geegor, and the result lasts for sixty two (!) minutes.

Dark Fury (1)

For almost two decades, Dark Fury bless our sacred homelands with their dark (aural) fury (that was an easy one to start with). It’s  one of the projects with Lower Silesian Stronghold’s owner / runner Krzystof, a label that did surprise me enormously lately (click on the label’s name on top of this review to check out some other material kindly provided by them).


On April 24th 2015 we did upload the review for Deprive’s Into Oblivion, which undersigned did appreciate a lot. As a matter of fact, I am quite ‘fan’ of several things created by Erun; think: Hrizg, Briargh, CrystalMoors, Moonshine, Eldereon, Forestdome and many more. And as you could have guessed in the meantime, Stormstone too is a project by Javier ‘Erun-Dagoth’ Sixto, once again a solo-outfit.

A Monumental Black Statue

Italian act A Monumental Black Statue was formed as a more Pagan / NS-oriented outlet for some Criptum-members, but soon they became more active than Criptum. A Monumental Black Statue released three recordings before, and actually this one was originally supposed to be the second Criptum-full length. Yet since the latter did split up…

Dark Fury

In quite an interesting parcel recently send to our headquarters, Lower Silesian Stronghold’s label owner Krzysztof included several Dark Fury-albums. Undersigned was quite ‘happy’, for I truly adored the album Synningthwait (check out the review on the update of July 21st 2014).


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