Atra Vetosus

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Atra Vetosus satisfies its audience with the release of a new recording, happily called Even The Dawn No Longer Brings Hope. I’ll keep my introduction brief, for you can find more background information in my former reviews for this act from Tasmania (links: see below). Atra Vetosus were originally formed in 2011 by the Josh-duo (Josh Young aka Slikver, whom you might know as well from e.g.


Once in a while – and that is exactly why I do like being a reviewer – you just get overwhelmed by something completely stunning. It does not have to be something new / renewing, you know, but something that just grabs you by your b***s, eh, something that draws attention.

Inconvenience Store

All the Indians in the Amazon are doing it right now. They refuse to bring any babies into the world. They kill every child that comes into the world, because they don’t want to live in this kind of a world. So be patient, be patient… death is… I tell you – I don’t care how many screams you hear, I don’t care how many anguished cries… Death is a million times preferable to ten more days of this life.

Scepter & Crown

I have no idea about the background of this collective, called Scepter & Crown. I think it is a newly formed band, which consists of the members S (guitars and vocals, as well as the main lyrics), G (drums), and H (textures). The trio hails from Maryland, and more specifically from the city of Baltimore.

Belarus Beaver

Even during harsh and uncertain eras, new labels arise out of the putrid depths. Please bid welcome to Grind To Death Records, a pretty young label based in Malmö, Sweden, which focuses on the harsher side of Death Metal (Brutal / Slam / Grinding Death Metal) and Grindcore. The label did start enormously tranquil, with only two releases in 2020 – yes, that’s it – but I have the feeling that this isn’t but an omen, the quiet before the storm, and I expect a tornado on skull-crushing material yet to come.


After the Lahti, Finland based act Avafrost split up, some of its members decided to continue spreading their word of joy and peace, so they did form a new act, Plaguebreeder; the moniker of this band being at least as sweet and tolerant as the message they want to bring. …quite prophetic back then, quite topical too lately. Indeed, with poems dealing with human extinction and post-nuclear devastation, their message is filled with cheer and mirth.


Because this release was the most captivating, overwhelming surprise from 2020 – at least for me – I couldn’t but ignore it; I just have to write down something to express my wonder. Also, this band have recently finished a next opus, so as a prequel to that upcoming full album, foist some thoughts on this one-track mini-album.


One of the most, eh, how will I put it, eh, let’s call it a ‘weird’ label… So, here it comes: Fish Prints is a weird label (haha, I did it, safely), dedicated to ‘curious sounds, past and present’, with releases by some truly unusual artists. No, seriously, when talking about an open-minded approach, this label by Thor Maillet houses Music(k) from so many angles, yet with one thing in common: not for the grey masses!

Cryo Depth

Not that long ago, I got in touch with a young lady from Belarus, Olga Kann. I didn’t immediately recognize her name, but still I had to know some of her works, for she is quite ‘famous’ as visual artist (besides painter / drawing artist, she’s also photographer and sculptor, by the way, with a very open-minded artistic vision, drawing influences from different angles).


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